Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tsunami Dream: Decoding your Tsunami Dream

Have recurring tsunami dreams? Trying to make sense of the tsunami dream? Why understand the dream symbol related as to how it is related your waking life? Tsunami dreams point to unresolved emotional issues, communication problems and the possible need to make immediate adjustments in your waking life. Reading to decode your tsunami dreams? 

The tsunami dream is an extremely popular dream that many dreamers assume is a sign of the end. Dreamers look to the tsunami dream as how it appears to them. However, dream symbols hold unique meanings to improve our waking lives. Tsunami dreams represent underlying emotional issues. 

Do you know the people in your tsunami dream? Are the people in your tsunami dream strangers? Family members? Friends? Past soulmates? Significant other? These dream occupants hold a valuable role in your tsunami dream. Hence, people refuse to confront their emotional problems connected to past unresolved issues, current conflict and communication issues. 

The tsunami dream refers to the intensity of your emotion. Is the tsunami wave 10 feet high? 50 feet high? 100 feet high? 1000 feet high? The height and power of the tsunami indicate your emotional level. 

Are you running away from the tsunami? If you are running away, then this conveys that you're unwilling to face your emotional problems. Workers are sometimes afraid to confront another co-worker about their disruptive behavior. As of a result, the ongoing workplace conflict becomes a tsunami dream in the waking state. 

The tsunami dream also identifies possible repressed emotions that need to rise. These tsunami dreamers repress their pain to avoid ridicule, judgement and unwanted attention. It is possible your waking life involves dissatisfaction, resentment and strong hatred toward another person. 

There could be multiple meanings to consider in the tsunami dream. The tsunami dream is thus the subconscious communicating a need to release your large emotions. As a sleeping dreamer and as a waking dreamer, you must determine how emotional and unresolved past issues impact your state of being. 

The tsunami dream is also a response to the recent end of the world predictions. Society creates fear that can trigger our fear of disasters. Therefore, we dream about tsunamis to experience the tragedy in the sleeping state. Tsunamis are no joke since they are powerful enough to kill millions of people. The 2004 tsunami disaster took nearly 300,000 lives in a matter of one day. The Japan earthquake put on display the destruction of a tsunami in real-time. 

Any dreamer experiencing  tsunami dreams should investigate possible past traumatic events, resentment, emotional problems, the need to communicate with others, reconnect with past friends, bond with family members, work on releasing emotion, and to fix unhappiness and depression that is inhibiting the waking life. Water dreams usually point to releasing emotions. 

Overflowing toilet and tsunami dreams are rather similar, though the tsunami dream is much more a social dream involving unwillingness to release emotions due to an expected outcome. Why do we fear what society thinks of us? 

Certain emotional issues are tough to confront in the waking life. The next time you have a tsunami dream, try to remember every dream symbol to better understand the possible emotional issue that needs immediate attention. Good luck!  

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