Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tsunami Dream: Decoding your Tsunami Dream

Have recurring tsunami dreams? Trying to make sense of the tsunami dream? Why understand the dream symbol related as to how it is related your waking life? Tsunami dreams point to unresolved emotional issues, communication problems and the possible need to make immediate adjustments in your waking life. Reading to decode your tsunami dreams? 

The tsunami dream is an extremely popular dream that many dreamers assume is a sign of the end. Dreamers look to the tsunami dream as how it appears to them. However, dream symbols hold unique meanings to improve our waking lives. Tsunami dreams represent underlying emotional issues. 

Do you know the people in your tsunami dream? Are the people in your tsunami dream strangers? Family members? Friends? Past soulmates? Significant other? These dream occupants hold a valuable role in your tsunami dream. Hence, people refuse to confront their emotional problems connected to past unresolved issues, current conflict and communication issues. 

The tsunami dream refers to the intensity of your emotion. Is the tsunami wave 10 feet high? 50 feet high? 100 feet high? 1000 feet high? The height and power of the tsunami indicate your emotional level. 

Are you running away from the tsunami? If you are running away, then this conveys that you're unwilling to face your emotional problems. Workers are sometimes afraid to confront another co-worker about their disruptive behavior. As of a result, the ongoing workplace conflict becomes a tsunami dream in the waking state. 

The tsunami dream also identifies possible repressed emotions that need to rise. These tsunami dreamers repress their pain to avoid ridicule, judgement and unwanted attention. It is possible your waking life involves dissatisfaction, resentment and strong hatred toward another person. 

There could be multiple meanings to consider in the tsunami dream. The tsunami dream is thus the subconscious communicating a need to release your large emotions. As a sleeping dreamer and as a waking dreamer, you must determine how emotional and unresolved past issues impact your state of being. 

The tsunami dream is also a response to the recent end of the world predictions. Society creates fear that can trigger our fear of disasters. Therefore, we dream about tsunamis to experience the tragedy in the sleeping state. Tsunamis are no joke since they are powerful enough to kill millions of people. The 2004 tsunami disaster took nearly 300,000 lives in a matter of one day. The Japan earthquake put on display the destruction of a tsunami in real-time. 

Any dreamer experiencing  tsunami dreams should investigate possible past traumatic events, resentment, emotional problems, the need to communicate with others, reconnect with past friends, bond with family members, work on releasing emotion, and to fix unhappiness and depression that is inhibiting the waking life. Water dreams usually point to releasing emotions. 

Overflowing toilet and tsunami dreams are rather similar, though the tsunami dream is much more a social dream involving unwillingness to release emotions due to an expected outcome. Why do we fear what society thinks of us? 

Certain emotional issues are tough to confront in the waking life. The next time you have a tsunami dream, try to remember every dream symbol to better understand the possible emotional issue that needs immediate attention. Good luck!  

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Decapitation Dreams: Decoding Decapitation Dreams

Experiencing decapitation dreams? Confused about the decapitation dream? Last week, I experienced the decapitation dream. In this analysis, I will decipher your decapitation dreams.

The decapitation dream is new to me. I watched another person get their head decapitated in my dream. I never previously experienced this type of dream. What does the decapitation dream mean? 

According to Kosarin (2008),  the decapitation dream "can happen when the dreamer feels a certain distancing from the body" (p. 206). The decapitation dream seems to suggest that a person is astral projecting or having an out of body experience. Is it possible the soul is detached from their physical body?

In my dream, I watched another person get decapitated. The decapitation dream is rather disturbing, especially when a dreamer must watch another victim lose their head. Try to remember the exact events in the decapitation dream. Who is losing their head? 

According to Kosarin (2008), decapitation dreams can occur "in a period of illness or when the mind of the dreamer is unwilling to accept a new physical limitation, such as age" (p. 206). Hence, the decapitation dream may point to a separation between body and mind. 

Do you feel detached from your body? Having problems with your health? Feeling under the weather? Can't accept older age? The preceding are all precursors that suggest change. 

According to Dream Moods (2012), the decapitation dream signifies "you are not thinking clearly and are refusing to see the truth" involving another person and situation. You must consider the situation from all angles. Face the person instead of avoiding the problem. Dream Moods (2012) also suggests the decapitation dream as a symbol meaning to rush judgement without thinking ahead of time. 

The decapitation dream symbol indicates a divide between the body and mind. An alternative decapitation dream meaning suggests that are possibly making bad decisions without properly thinking. The decapitation dream symbol is associated with thinking and action. 

Have you ever noticed a chicken running around with no head? The dreamer is likely making waking decisions without thinking about the consequences. What problems are you experiencing in life? Do you feel that your bad decisions create a negative outcome? 

If you experience the decapitation dream, think about doing meditation to connect your mind and body. Have you ever astral projected? Tap into the astral projection phenomenon to strengthen your mind. Good luck!


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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lucid Dreaming: The Lucid Dreaming Challenges

Last night, the best opportunity to initiate lucid dreaming failed because I believed the dream to be a dream without having control of the dream world. I was aware of my moral values in the dream. I could think consciously as myself in the dream, even finding a connection to past events. Do you have lucid dreaming challenges?

Dreamers are capable of activating dreams into a lucid dream. Hence, the dream becomes your dream world. You can control the events in the dream. Would you want to do in your dreams what is impossible in the waking life? Dreamers are doing nothing wrong with exploring the dream world.

Lucid dreaming challenges occur when a dreamer falls into the dream trap. They begin to believe the dream is so real that the dream controls their imagination. Lucid dreaming requires the dreamer to activate the dream senses. Thus, the dream is realized as a dream to direct the dream projections. You can create the events in the dream in any way imaginable.

We allow stress and lack of confidence to keep us from lucid dreaming. A dreamer is unable to lucid dream unless they identify the dream world as only a dream. Past experiences disrupt lucid dreaming. Dreamers think acting immoral in their dreams is immorally wrong. They avoid various events to remain responsible. Lucid dreaming is about exploring the dream world in the same manner as astral projection. Astral projectors move about the astral world to explore another dimension.

The subplanes of the astral plane are viewed as the deeper planes underneath the top layer. Lucid dreaming portrays the subplanes through the foundation of dream projections. Reality within a dream can weaken the dreamer to refrain from making certain decisions. Dreamers may even have dreams that belong to another dreamer.

Recent spiritual research on ghost possession suggest that dreams can come from another spirit. Thus, the ghost spirit creates the dreams due to residing inside the human mind. They occupy the body through possessing the host, projecting thoughts having nothing to do with the person's subconscious or conscious way of thinking. The possessed don't realize the ghost possession until they show symptoms. We will discuss dreams and ghost possession at a later time.

Lucid dreamers must concentrate on the dream projections to identify common triggers. Do you notice recurring dream symbols in your dreams? If you can pinpoint the dream the symbols, then you can tell your mind this is only a dream. Once the dreamer activates the lucid dreaming experience, they are capable of controlling the dream world. We've seen lucid dreaming in action in the Inception movie.

Are you having lucid dreaming challenges? Is there fear of activating the lucid dreaming senses? Think another spirit is projecting thoughts that relay into your dreams? Outside interference can create lucid  dreaming challenges. Locate the source of the challenge to make adjustments in your dreams. You will notice the ease in activating lucid dreaming. Good luck on exploring the world lucid dreamers.            

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Decoding Stairs Dreams: How to Decode Stairs Dreams?

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Have recurring dreams about stairs? Climbing up the stairs in dreams? Moving down the stairs in dreams? Decoding stairs dreams involve understanding the meaning of stairs in your dreams. Dreams about stairs the direction of a waking goal. Furthermore, dreams about stairs are important to convey your career and financial path. Ready to begin decoding dreams about stairs?

The next time you dream about stairs in your dreams, remember the details of the stairs dream. Do the stairs represent the main dream symbol? Are you walking up the stairs quickly? Sitting on the stairs? Walking or falling down the stairs? According to Kosarin (2008), the stairs dream signifies:

Climbing a stairway in a dream can meant that you are on your way to achieving a goal. Descending a stairway, or falling down one, might indicate a fall in prestige or economic status. To sit on a step could suggest that you are pausing in your everyday life to consider where things stand (p. 262).

Interpreting the stairs dream relates to waking dreams and goals. Where are you currently in your career? Do you have a job you want? Or are you working at the job to pay your bills? Many people wake up each day regretting their job. They hate driving on the busy freeway to work. 

In the stairs dream, the dreamer may stay put on the stair. Therefore, the dreamer is unable to figure out how to advance in their waking life. The dreamer wakes up each day to eat, drive to work, and to sleep. The dreamer's daily routine fails to improve their financial and career outlook. Their dreams are put on hold to make a living. 

Ascending up the stairs in the dream state informs the dreamer their waking dreams are within reach. Most dreamers realize that waking dreams require hard work and dedication. Dream about ascending stairs can lead the dreamer to a good career choice and financial situation. 

Stairs dreams guide the dreamer to understand the stairs dream symbol that dictates the direction of careers, finances class status, and accomplishments. Moving up the stairs indicate a dreamer will enjoy good success. Staying put on one stair suggests no change in a current situation. Descending down the stairs suggest the dreamer stands to experience hardship relating to career, finances, class status, and or an untimely setback. 

In the business world, steps and pyramids represent career growth and advancement. Decoding the stairs dream can lead to waking improvements in your everyday lifestyle. Decode your past or future stairs dream to discover success in your career and financial status.    

Decoding Teeth Dreams: How to decode the teeth dream

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Having the dreaded teeth dream? Are your teeth dreams frightening you? Teeth dreams are rather common among dreamers. Pay close attention to the events that occur within the teeth dream. Decoding the teeth dream will solve the recurring nightmares or the returning teeth dream. How do you decode the teeth dream?

We know that teeth symbolize our confidence. People who have good teeth enjoying smiling. However, people with bad teeth don't smile as much to hide their imperfections. According to Korasin (2005), "Teeth are what we use to bite" (p. 263). Therefore, losing our teeth suggest we are powerless. Another meaning to lose teeth is that we tend to speak carelessly or must reevaluate a situation. 

Korasin (2005) notes that admiring your teeth such as wanting them to be pearly white "suggests that wishes for a pleasant occupation and happiness will be fulfilled" (p. 263). Your teeth thus symbolize success in the waking world. Famous people usually want white teeth to compliment their prestigious status. 

Losing teeth in a dream holds several meanings. You can interpret losing your teeth as caution to enter a situation.  Furthermore, a woman losing their teeth in clumps suggests an urge or a possible future child birth. Loosing your teeth dreams also convey rebirth of oneself. The teeth symbolize confidence and status. If you lose your teeth, then you desire to change or seek to take a new direction to make that transformation from a bad situation to one that is better. 

We can decode teeth dreams in a number of ways. Recently, Celebrity Nightmares Decoded discussed the teeth dream. A female dreamer experienced the losing teeth dream. The dream decoder told the female dreamer she wants to have a child in the future. 

Your teeth falling out dream also suggests how you think people view you. Hence, you may fear rejection since your teeth represent beauty. Pearly white teeth convey beauty and radiance. Teeth falling out dreams explore how one feels about growing older. You might worry about your lost youth. 

Prior to decoding dreams, I assumed teeth falling out dreams conveyed that a family member or another friend was about to get sick or there was a death in the family looming in the forefront. The Greeks believed in the notion that a teeth falling out dreams suggest that a close friend and or family member is very ill and close to death. 

The Chinese representation of the teeth dream is consistent between ethnic cultures. According to Dream Moods (2011), the teeth falling out dream suggest you tell many lies and feel guilty in the process. You are worried that the lies coming out of your mouth are rotting your teeth. 

Kosarin (2005) indicated that loosing your teeth in dreams convey feeling guilty for gossiping about another person. She notes the dream is much more common in women than in men. With that said, women tend to gossip or criticize people. The teeth falling out identify that dreamers must reduce their gossip to eliminate the frequency of teeth dreams.  

You really need to evaluate your life. Are you in a tough situation that keeps recycling negative problems? Is everything going haywire in your life? Your teeth dreams are warning you. The most common reason of a teeth dream is possibly lacking direction in life such as making poor career decisions. Your career may be traveling down the wrong path. 

A problematic issue in your life is probably creating problems in your subconscious mind. Our waking dreams are coinciding with sleeping dreams. When will you accomplish your dreams? Will it ever happen? Your mind wants to know. We all crave success.   

Decoding teeth dreams require people to identify the meaning of teeth to them. Do you care about your teeth? Worry whether people will see something stuck in your teeth. What if you lose your teeth in real life? Would teeth falling out have a dramatic effect on your life? We smile because we are happy. Nobody smiles when they are mad unless it is an uncontrollable laughter attributed to recurring hardship and out of frustration. 

Decoding teeth dreams convey that women may feel old. Younger women desire to have a child. Teeth falling out dreams point to gossip, over thinking the appearance of oneself in the eyes of the world (materialism), lack of direction or a desire to accomplish success. 

Lastly, the Dream Moods website also shares The Bible interpretation of the teeth falling out dream as a person putting too much of their faith in the world rather than in God. Assess every aspect of your teeth dreams. Think of what your teeth means to you. Evaluate your personal situation to determine if your teeth dreams are warning of something negative in your life. 

Teeth dreams are possibly the most popular dreams searched on the web. I haven't experienced a teeth dream in quite some time. I remember having falling out teeth dreams when I experienced stress in college and at work. Now that I completed my last college degree, the teeth dreams are no longer a recurring dream. In my opinion, teeth dreams point to confidence and self-esteem issues. When you give a speech, you tend to worry whether food is stuck in your teeth. People want white teeth so they can have a vibrant smile. Teeth represent youth and beauty.

It is rather common to have the teeth dream during times you feel stressed, lack confidence in life, overworking yourself, unhappy at a job, and when life is defeating you. Take a step back to assess your life. What is bothering you? Are you having anxiety? Is your career going in the wrong direction? If you are a young woman, there is a chance you want to have children. Your teeth dream may convey rebirth. Nonetheless, you might be gossiping about another person and feel guilty for doing so. Some suggest that losing teeth convey getting rid of a bad problem to gain money and a better lifestyle.  

There are so many dream interpretations for teeth dreams. Want to share a teeth dream? Please leave a comment below. Don't worry too much about your teeth dreams. Activate lucid dreaming to identify the teeth dream as dream projections unreal to the waking mind. Thanks for reading.


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