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Decoding Teeth Dreams: How to decode the teeth dream

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Having the dreaded teeth dream? Are your teeth dreams frightening you? Teeth dreams are rather common among dreamers. Pay close attention to the events that occur within the teeth dream. Decoding the teeth dream will solve the recurring nightmares or the returning teeth dream. How do you decode the teeth dream?

We know that teeth symbolize our confidence. People who have good teeth enjoying smiling. However, people with bad teeth don't smile as much to hide their imperfections. According to Korasin (2005), "Teeth are what we use to bite" (p. 263). Therefore, losing our teeth suggest we are powerless. Another meaning to lose teeth is that we tend to speak carelessly or must reevaluate a situation. 

Korasin (2005) notes that admiring your teeth such as wanting them to be pearly white "suggests that wishes for a pleasant occupation and happiness will be fulfilled" (p. 263). Your teeth thus symbolize success in the waking world. Famous people usually want white teeth to compliment their prestigious status. 

Losing teeth in a dream holds several meanings. You can interpret losing your teeth as caution to enter a situation.  Furthermore, a woman losing their teeth in clumps suggests an urge or a possible future child birth. Loosing your teeth dreams also convey rebirth of oneself. The teeth symbolize confidence and status. If you lose your teeth, then you desire to change or seek to take a new direction to make that transformation from a bad situation to one that is better. 

We can decode teeth dreams in a number of ways. Recently, Celebrity Nightmares Decoded discussed the teeth dream. A female dreamer experienced the losing teeth dream. The dream decoder told the female dreamer she wants to have a child in the future. 

Your teeth falling out dream also suggests how you think people view you. Hence, you may fear rejection since your teeth represent beauty. Pearly white teeth convey beauty and radiance. Teeth falling out dreams explore how one feels about growing older. You might worry about your lost youth. 

Prior to decoding dreams, I assumed teeth falling out dreams conveyed that a family member or another friend was about to get sick or there was a death in the family looming in the forefront. The Greeks believed in the notion that a teeth falling out dreams suggest that a close friend and or family member is very ill and close to death. 

The Chinese representation of the teeth dream is consistent between ethnic cultures. According to Dream Moods (2011), the teeth falling out dream suggest you tell many lies and feel guilty in the process. You are worried that the lies coming out of your mouth are rotting your teeth. 

Kosarin (2005) indicated that loosing your teeth in dreams convey feeling guilty for gossiping about another person. She notes the dream is much more common in women than in men. With that said, women tend to gossip or criticize people. The teeth falling out identify that dreamers must reduce their gossip to eliminate the frequency of teeth dreams.  

You really need to evaluate your life. Are you in a tough situation that keeps recycling negative problems? Is everything going haywire in your life? Your teeth dreams are warning you. The most common reason of a teeth dream is possibly lacking direction in life such as making poor career decisions. Your career may be traveling down the wrong path. 

A problematic issue in your life is probably creating problems in your subconscious mind. Our waking dreams are coinciding with sleeping dreams. When will you accomplish your dreams? Will it ever happen? Your mind wants to know. We all crave success.   

Decoding teeth dreams require people to identify the meaning of teeth to them. Do you care about your teeth? Worry whether people will see something stuck in your teeth. What if you lose your teeth in real life? Would teeth falling out have a dramatic effect on your life? We smile because we are happy. Nobody smiles when they are mad unless it is an uncontrollable laughter attributed to recurring hardship and out of frustration. 

Decoding teeth dreams convey that women may feel old. Younger women desire to have a child. Teeth falling out dreams point to gossip, over thinking the appearance of oneself in the eyes of the world (materialism), lack of direction or a desire to accomplish success. 

Lastly, the Dream Moods website also shares The Bible interpretation of the teeth falling out dream as a person putting too much of their faith in the world rather than in God. Assess every aspect of your teeth dreams. Think of what your teeth means to you. Evaluate your personal situation to determine if your teeth dreams are warning of something negative in your life. 

Teeth dreams are possibly the most popular dreams searched on the web. I haven't experienced a teeth dream in quite some time. I remember having falling out teeth dreams when I experienced stress in college and at work. Now that I completed my last college degree, the teeth dreams are no longer a recurring dream. In my opinion, teeth dreams point to confidence and self-esteem issues. When you give a speech, you tend to worry whether food is stuck in your teeth. People want white teeth so they can have a vibrant smile. Teeth represent youth and beauty.

It is rather common to have the teeth dream during times you feel stressed, lack confidence in life, overworking yourself, unhappy at a job, and when life is defeating you. Take a step back to assess your life. What is bothering you? Are you having anxiety? Is your career going in the wrong direction? If you are a young woman, there is a chance you want to have children. Your teeth dream may convey rebirth. Nonetheless, you might be gossiping about another person and feel guilty for doing so. Some suggest that losing teeth convey getting rid of a bad problem to gain money and a better lifestyle.  

There are so many dream interpretations for teeth dreams. Want to share a teeth dream? Please leave a comment below. Don't worry too much about your teeth dreams. Activate lucid dreaming to identify the teeth dream as dream projections unreal to the waking mind. Thanks for reading.


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