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Decoding Stairs Dreams: How to Decode Stairs Dreams?

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Have recurring dreams about stairs? Climbing up the stairs in dreams? Moving down the stairs in dreams? Decoding stairs dreams involve understanding the meaning of stairs in your dreams. Dreams about stairs the direction of a waking goal. Furthermore, dreams about stairs are important to convey your career and financial path. Ready to begin decoding dreams about stairs?

The next time you dream about stairs in your dreams, remember the details of the stairs dream. Do the stairs represent the main dream symbol? Are you walking up the stairs quickly? Sitting on the stairs? Walking or falling down the stairs? According to Kosarin (2008), the stairs dream signifies:

Climbing a stairway in a dream can meant that you are on your way to achieving a goal. Descending a stairway, or falling down one, might indicate a fall in prestige or economic status. To sit on a step could suggest that you are pausing in your everyday life to consider where things stand (p. 262).

Interpreting the stairs dream relates to waking dreams and goals. Where are you currently in your career? Do you have a job you want? Or are you working at the job to pay your bills? Many people wake up each day regretting their job. They hate driving on the busy freeway to work. 

In the stairs dream, the dreamer may stay put on the stair. Therefore, the dreamer is unable to figure out how to advance in their waking life. The dreamer wakes up each day to eat, drive to work, and to sleep. The dreamer's daily routine fails to improve their financial and career outlook. Their dreams are put on hold to make a living. 

Ascending up the stairs in the dream state informs the dreamer their waking dreams are within reach. Most dreamers realize that waking dreams require hard work and dedication. Dream about ascending stairs can lead the dreamer to a good career choice and financial situation. 

Stairs dreams guide the dreamer to understand the stairs dream symbol that dictates the direction of careers, finances class status, and accomplishments. Moving up the stairs indicate a dreamer will enjoy good success. Staying put on one stair suggests no change in a current situation. Descending down the stairs suggest the dreamer stands to experience hardship relating to career, finances, class status, and or an untimely setback. 

In the business world, steps and pyramids represent career growth and advancement. Decoding the stairs dream can lead to waking improvements in your everyday lifestyle. Decode your past or future stairs dream to discover success in your career and financial status.    

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